Tag: Nuclear Weapons

  • China reduces Iran oil buy as US and EU sanctions loom

    The United States and the European Union’s increasingly firm stance against Iran’s nuclear ambitions have, as my colleague Raymond Karam writes, potentially undermined the security of mideast oil supply. In the face of sanctions, Iran has had one relatively stable customer in China, but The Telegraph reports today that China has reduced its oil purchases […]

  • Will the U.S.–China Hotline Be Red?

    U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates is on a trip to East Asia, beginning with China, and the United States and China have agreed on a military hotline. I’ve checked with the Pentagon (well, I asked a guy who works there), but I’m still not sure whether they’ll have a physical phone or what. Most important, […]

  • Olympic Threats, Bush's China Crutch, North Korea, and the Environment (U.S.–China Links)

    Olympic threats: really dumb. China: Bush’s diplomatic savior? The North Korea deal: not what the White House hoped. And China meets the U.S. Congress to plan for a post-Bush climate reality. Recent China–U.S. relations news. Steve Clemons agrees with me (OK, he agrees with James Fallows, whom I agree with) that “Boycotting the Olympics today […]

  • McCain on N. Korea, Rearming Japan, and Taiwan (Oct. 2006)

    In a Hannity & Colmes interview last year devoted mostly to attacking U.S. efforts to control North Korea under President Bill Clinton, Senator John McCain—now a leading Republican presidential candidate—said if the United Nations doesn’t do enough to control North Korea, Japan will have to “rearm.” And he said, puzzlingly, that something he refers to […]

  • Abe States the Obvious: No Nuclear Japan

    I don’t think many informed commentators really thought the calls of Nakasone and others would lead to a nuclear Japan any time soon, but it’s notable that Prime Minister Abe Shinzo pledged to Chinese President Hu Jintao at the APEC summit in Hanoi, Vietnam, that Japan would remain a non-nuclear state. Indeed, if a Japanese […]