Tag: TeleGeography

  • Wiring East Asia: increased fiber optic links over the years (maps)

    About a year ago, I wrote about the limited “internet entrepôts of China,” those landing places where digital transmissions come ashore in fiber optic lines. I’ve long depended on the excellent maps from Telegeography to visualize the physical linkages that underlie the supposedly etherial network, and they’ve got a new map out. I just clipped […]

  • As airfare soars, transpacific data prices plummet

    Anyone who has watched airfare prices between the United States and East Asia in recent years has noticed a pronounced rise. A year ago, this correspondent found it more affordable to fly from Beijing to Istanbul and then Istanbul to New York instead of a direct flight. Data prices from Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo […]

  • The internet entrepôts of China: back to the 19th century?

    For centuries, and especially since the mid-19th century, entrepôts have been important sites of communication—both information and goods—between China and the outside world. Now, many of the same cities are sites of the grand digital switches that connect China to the global internet. I’ve noted before the interesting work of TeleGeography, a firm that produces […]