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  • New Beijing bike-share company sued for discrimination (Translation)

    The following is a partial translation of a Caixin article, 北京公租自行车涉嫌户籍歧视被起诉, published June 20 and written by Wang Qingfeng (王箐丰). Caixin Online (Journalism Intern Wang Qingfeng) — Just this month, Beijing saw the launch of a public bike share service. On June 20, long-time Beijing lawyer Li Fangping called the hotline to register for the just […]

  • Beijing Traffic in 1981. And a Change on This Site.

    An interesting passage and a mini-site announcement today. First: Danwei announced they’d begin republishing old stories from former Daily Telegraph Beijing correspondent Graham Earnshaw, who held the post from 1980 to 1984. The first article they posted is interesting mostly for Earnshaw’s author’s note: At the time, there were almost no cars on Beijing streets […]

  • Higher Gas Prices in China May Be Good

    The Chinese government this week raised the price of gasoline almost 10 percent as shortages spread across the country. Higher gas prices may be just what Earth’s doctor ordered. Given the recent rise in the cost of crude, the Financial Times reports, Chinese policymakers face challenges. To pay for expensive crude, retail fuel prices would […]

  • Links: Net Filtering, Uncertain Green Beijing, and U.S.–China Business

    I’ve been busy recently in Beijing and watching a lot of good stories go right by. You’ll forgive a Colorado native for using a baseball analogy: It’s time to make sure I don’t strike out looking. Here’s a quick summary of transpacific pitches I wish I’d had time to swing at. Greener Beijing? Will Beijing’s […]

  • Language Barriers at Ground Control (Video)

    Jason Li Virtual China posts this YouTube clip from a news program exploring the problem of Chinese pilots having limited English abilities when they land in English-language ports. It seems to me that the airline ought to put someone in the cockpit with a reasonable comprehension of the native language of airport where they land, […]