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For the very few of you who were frustrated by Transpacifica’s recent Disqus outage, apologies. As far as I can tell, functionality is now restored. –Graham

More on China's environment tax: a response and a repost

A few notes of follow-up on my first experiment in translation: the People’s Daily Online interview looking at the prospects for an environmental tax being included in the next Chinese 5-year plan.

  1. My friend and former classmate Ella Chou offered much more context on this discussion than I could have given off the top of my head.…

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A Trans-American move for Transpacifica

Most readers who would find this news important already have heard, but for the under-informed and those who don’t care, I offer an update on moves in my life.

In May, I finished my master’s degree in Regional Studies–East Asia at Harvard. This month, after a long summer of travel, freelancing, research, and high-intensity relaxation, I will begin a Ph.D. in…

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