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  • China News Update, July 5, 2012 – U.S.–China ties, South China Sea

    Today’s news opens with a speech July 5 in Hong Kong by Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai, a key figure in Chinese relations with the United States. The speech calls for “building a new type of relationship between major countries here in the Asia-Pacific,” a key Hu Jintao phrase from the Strategic and Economic […]

  • Hu Jintao says foreigners out to 'westernize' China

    This from the AFP via the South China Morning Post (subscription only): “Hostile international powers are strengthening their efforts to Westernise and divide us,” Hu wrote in the article, noting “ideological and cultural fields” are their main targets. “We must be aware of the seriousness and complexity of the struggles and take powerful measures to […]

  • Text of the U.S.–China joint statement

    This idea stolen from Josh Rogin. I’m putting this here so I have it in the future. Source: White House. See also Rogin’s post on China bashing on Capitol Hill. The White House Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release January 19, 2011 U.S. – China Joint Statement 1. At the invitation of President […]

  • Online Voices Aren't Everything in China

    In the months leading up to the Beijing Olympics, which began Friday, English language media have published countless stories on China and its capital. But many of these stories echo each other and few break new ground in the world’s understanding of China. Many emphasize a consistent set of outside concerns and, in portraying conflict, […]

  • Demonstrations in Tokyo During Hu Visit: Could Be Worse

    From Reuters: But even as Hu spoke, about 200 protesters waved signs outside the university gate saying “Free Tibet” and “No Pandas, No Poison Dumplings,” the latter referring to Hu’s offer to lend two pandas to a Tokyo zoo and a row over Chinese-made dumplings laced with pesticide that made several Japanese people ill. When […]