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  • Wiring East Asia: increased fiber optic links over the years (maps)

    About a year ago, I wrote about the limited “internet entrepôts of China,” those landing places where digital transmissions come ashore in fiber optic lines. I’ve long depended on the excellent maps from Telegeography to visualize the physical linkages that underlie the supposedly etherial network, and they’ve got a new map out. I just clipped […]

  • The internet entrepôts of China: back to the 19th century?

    For centuries, and especially since the mid-19th century, entrepôts have been important sites of communication—both information and goods—between China and the outside world. Now, many of the same cities are sites of the grand digital switches that connect China to the global internet. I’ve noted before the interesting work of TeleGeography, a firm that produces […]

  • Mapping China's international internet business

    At Mobinode, Piet Walraven has published the results of some research into Chinese internet companies forming partnerships with overseas entities, and there’s a map. Walraven describes the map: It is a summary of all overseas operations organized in two categories: ‘partnerships, licensing, and co-production’ and ‘self operated or wholly owned overseas initiatives’. Through these two […]

  • The Lost Island 'Atlantis' as a Reference to Japan?

    Strange Maps, the source of much cartographic delight, features an overlay of the real “new world” and what Columbian era transatlantic explorers expected to see on their way to Cipangu, which is what the Portuguese were calling Japan at the time. Among the many “phantom islands” that turned out not to exist is Antilla. Here, […]