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  • Asia in the State of the Union: Bringing jobs home and—psst!—cybersecurity

    UPDATED at bottom with further comments The State of the Union speech this year was not suited for heavy lifting in foreign policy, and it had almost nothing to say about policy in the Asia-Pacific. According to the prepared speech, President Obama mentioned a push for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, responded to North Korea’s recent nuclear […]

  • Asia and the world in the State of the Union

    With a domestic economic focus expected to anchor the evening, the prepared text of U.S. President Barack Obama’s 2012 State of the Union speech (according to WSJ) is similar to last year’s in its emphasis on Asia. At least measured by the crude “word count” metric, China is mentioned five times, just over last year. Like […]

  • Asia in the State of the Union: Diligent competitors, trade partners

    This post is based on the advance speech distributed by the White House and published on CNN.com. Over all, tonight’s state of the union speech appears to be light on foreign affairs. Here is a summary of the mentions of Asia. Overall, my quick read is that Asia is set up as a land of […]